Integration of W-PA with Valcom analog page system for Paging and background music

This document explains how to interconnect W-PA and Valcom V-9937 for paging with background music.

Created: October 2019

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Connect paging input onto

Pin 2 to SPK2 -

Pin 17 to SPK2 +

Connect control pair ontoPin 3 to Pin 18 to normally open connection on W-PA
Valcom Speaker Power

Pin 6 power out 24v

Pin 21 ground

Valcom Speaker Audio

Pin 7 tip out

Pin 21 ring out

Power supply

Pin 15 24v DC out

Pin 30 24v DC in


Log into the provisioned W-PA, select security settings and select “Call State Trigger”.

Log into the WMS and ensure that the page group is configured & that the user account that is provisioned on the unit is within it.

Dial the feature code (91 by default) and page group id (in this example, 1) to test paging is working and background audio was halted (in this example, dial 911)