x-bees 1.26.1: Streamline communication with the new Colleagues tab and simplify calling with TEL URL support

Colleagues tab

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2743.

Now, finding and connecting with your colleagues has never been easier. With the Colleagues tab, you can quickly search for the necessary colleagues, conveniently split by Departments. Stay updated on their status and presence, ensuring you reach them at the right time. Need to make a call? Simply start it right from the tab. Want to initiate a chat or send en email? It's just a click away. But that's not all – the Colleagues tab also brings you a range of advanced call management capabilities: pick up a ringing call, barge, whisper and even listen to active calls. Discover all the details in https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/30280350.

TEL URLs support

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2751.

We have added support for various URL schemes, including tel, sip, callto, wildix, x-bees, and xbees. Now, initiating calls is as simple as a click - just click on the desired URL and x-bees will seamlessly initiate the call, putting you in direct contact with your intended recipient. As long as you have WIService 3.14.5 or higher installed, you can experience the convenience of click-to-call functionality.