Monitor Colleagues and have all you need within an easy reach, on the new Favorites tab - June 2023

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2744.

Meet the Favorites tab, that levels up your x-bees experience, making it more convenient, efficient and easily customizable to have everything you need in one place!

On this tab, you can add Function keys to monitor colleagues and have many other features within easy reach, as well as easily make or transfer a call, pick up a call, park a call, and much more. 

Here’s just the short list of available Function keys and actions that can be performed:

  1. Colleague:

  • Monitor user status

  • Make a call 

  • Pick up a ringing call

  • Barge an active call

  • Check who is the colleague talking to

  • Send an email

When adding a Function key, you can choose which Call settings to apply (View calls / Audio notification / Direct transfer):

2. Park Location

  • Drag & drop an incoming call

  • Transfer an active call

  • Resume a call

3. Group pick up:

  • Pick up a ringing call of a user from your ACL group

4. Timetable / Switch / 3 state switch

  • Monitor the status of a timetable / switch

  • Change the status

5. Call group

  • Monitor incoming calls to the call group

  • Dial the call group or to pick up a ringing call of a call group 

Check out documentation for more details: x-bees Web User Guide (see the "Favorites tab" section)