Mass add people to chats, Sound notifications on conference start, Whiteboard feature - November 2022

Whiteboard feature and noise suppression in conference

Changelog reference ticket: WMS-15123

When several people located in the same room, are participating in the same conference, they have to mute themselves to avoid background noise and echo. Now you can mitigate this problem by enabling “Noise suppression” option in the conference controls (Click on the three dots icon “More actions”).

Another feature introduced in x-bees conferences is the Whiteboard. This can be especially useful for post-sales support, for companies that have to train their end users. Using Whiteboard you can draw schemes and shapes, again, without having to download and use any third-party software.

Note: click on Three dots (More actions) → Show whiteboard from the conference controls.

Mass add people to conversations

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2188

Now you can paste a list of emails when creating a new conversation on x-bees or when adding people to an existing one, to speed up the process when creating conversations with a large number of users.

Note: Emails can be separated by commas or semicolons (;)


Sound notification on conference start 

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2083 and [XBS-2142]

When you are focused on an important task, it's easy to miss an online meeting. Especially when you put yourself in Do not disturb mode, trying to avoid unnecessary interruptions. On x-bees, there's a sound notification when a conference starts, and the Join button becomes active, so users do not need to worry about being late for a meeting.

The notification plays once every 7 seconds, even for Users with Do Not Disturb or Away status. You can manage your sound notifications in Settings - Notifications - Sound notifications - On conference start.