Presence status sync with Google calendar, Meeting scheduler updates, device selection and remote control - October 2022

Presence status sync with Google calendar

Changelog reference ticket: WMS-13887

Thanks to this new integration, now your user status changes automatically based on the events in your Google calendar. With the help of this feature, it’s easy to automate your daily routine, you no longer need to remember to change your status manually, each time you have an offline meeting, when you have lunch, or when you are out of the office.

Not only does your status get changed, but also the status duration and the status message get synced with the events in your Google calendar, unless the event is set as “private”.

Watch the video to see how it works:


Kite Meeting Scheduler expands: Microsoft 365 calendar added

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1797 

Kite Meeting Scheduler expands its capabilities to include the ability to integrate with the Microsoft 365 calendar (in addition to Google Calendar) and provide external customers or prospects with access to a salesperson's calendar. Thanks to this integration, customers can see available slots in the calendar of salespeople and schedule meetings with them.

With Kite Meeting Scheduler it's much easier to find suitable times and dates for meetings and demos. x-bees connects all decision-makers with one click and speeds up the sales cycle. 

Kite Meeting Scheduler: set up breaks between meetings and limit the dates for booking a meeting

Changelog reference tickets: XBS-2111 and XBS-2109

Set up breaks between meetings: if you have many meetings every day, it might be useful to set up breaks between them to let yourself take notes and prepare for the next meeting. 

You can set up the breaks in x-bees -> Settings -> Kite Settings -> Calendar settings.

Limit the dates for booking a meeting: for example, you are participating in a trade show and you need to provide a possibility to book a meeting with you only for the dates of the event.

Here’s what you will do: find your Meeting scheduling link and edit it by adding the dates and the subject in the following format:


Now you can give this link to someone or publish it on a web page in an iframe.


Select a device for calls

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1634

x-bees allows you to manage calls directly from your browser. But in many work environments, employees still need more than a laptop and a headset. Wildix offers a full range of desk phones and DECT devices. The x-bees interface enables users to select the active device for making and receiving calls and easily switch between web/ mobile app/ desk phone / DECT.

How it works:

  1. Click on the dial pad

  2. To the left of the green call button, click This Device.

  3. Select your preferred option from the list of devices registered to your account


Remote control during screen sharing in video conferences.

Changelog reference ticket: WMS-11165

Customer care departments often need to provide help with some software or application. The fastest way to do it is by getting on a call with the customer and having them share their screen. But in many cases, a customer must install and download third-party software to grant remote access to their desktop. This procedure is complicated and requires time and system compliance. With x-bees, customer support is effortless and instantaneous, thanks to the remote access functionality available during screen sharing.

Essential: Remote control can be requested after a user has started screen sharing only!

Documentation: Wizyconf Videoconference - User Guide WMS 5.