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This Guide explains how to deploy WMS 6 on Hardware, Virtual and Cloud PBXs.

Created: January 2023

Updated: July 2023


If your WMS version is lower than WMS 5, first upgrade your PBX to WMS 5, please follow the document: /wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/30283187.

Table of Contents


Upgrade to WMS 6 is supported on: Per User PBXs updated to the latest WMS 5 version with monthly, yearly or 5 year subscriptions.

Upgrade to WMS 6 is NOT SUPPORTED on: Per Service PBXs and Lifetime Per User PBXs, licenses for these PBXs must be regenerated.

How to update an unsupported system to WMS 6: 

  • If your system is a Lifetime or a Per Service PBX, you can convert it to Cloud, follow the procedure present in the guide PBX Licensing and Activation (chapter Move PBX to Cloud).


Code Block
titleOVFTool command example
ovftool WMS_6.03_x64_20230725.ova WMS_6.0203_x64_22023051920230725.ovf 

  • In case if you're running VMWare version lower than 6.5, please run this command in order to reduce VMWare HW Compatibility Level:
Code Block
titleOVFTool hw compatibility change (example for ESXi 6.0)
ovftool --maxVirtualHardwareVersion=11 wms_6.03_x64_20230725.ova wms_6.0203_x64_22023051920230725_v11.ova

Once the VM is installed, follow PBX Licensing and Activation Admin Guide (chapter PBX Activation) to activate your PBX and add user licenses.