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This document explains how to add and use WebAPI which allow integrating of Wildix Unified Communications capabilities into web applications and external software (CRM, ERP, Fias/Fidelio).

Updated:   October 2023

WMS Version: 5.0X / 6.0X



Starting from WMS v. 5.02.20201015.2, a new version of the library is available. The library supports the new oAuth2 authorization and it is recommended to use it in order to ensure more secure performance of your integrations. 



Please pay attention that WebAPI has been moved to a new dedicated server Now you can access it at:

In order to ensure the correct WebAPI performance, proceed with these steps:

  1. Add to PBX whitelist in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Security

  2. Only if you use the new WebAPI version: change Redirect URI to in WMS Settings -> Integrations -> OAuth 2.0 applications

Note: the access to WebAPI on is extended til 2 May 2021. Up to this date, you need to replace the used links (e.g. to ensure your integration continues working. 

It is recommended using PBX as a source:

  • https://{PBX_DOMAIN}/public/wtapi.js - the old version
  • https://{PBX_DOMAIN}/public/wtapi.v2.js - the new version

If you have previously downloaded and integrated WebAPI JavaScript Library, you need to update it manually in order to ensure compatibility with the new Presence Server (available starting from the mentioned WMS version).


  • Go to WMS Settings -> PBX -> Integrations
  • Select OAuth  Applications -> OAuth 2.0 applications tab tab
  • Click Add to create a new application

  • Enter Application Name and Redirect URI


  • Image Added

  • Click Save to add the application

  • Copy Application ID, you need it for the next step:

    Image Removed
    Image Added

Step 2. Login to WebAPI

Enter the following data:



Starting from March 2018, the latest versions of the most popular web browsers drop support for cross-requests for the protocol schema "file://".

To continue using Hotel Manager and Wallboard, you need to add the domain to the whitelist in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Security; see documentation: Domain Whitelist (Allow Origin).

In case you are using Wildix online demo available at add the domain to the whitelist. 

In case you are using WebAPI uploaded on your web server, add your server domain to whitelist



For access to Hotel Manager, read the chapter Access WebAPI Demo.

Features currently supported:



For access to Wallboard, read the chapter Access WebAPI Demo.

Example of Wallboard and explanation of counters:


  • Green = available
  • Light blue = not connected to Collaboration/ x-bees or user not added to roster 


    If monitored users are not added to roaster roster of a manager (the user whose credentials are used to access Wallboard), their user statuses are displayed as "Offline" with Light blue icon regardless their actual user statutes (ringing/ talking/ paused etc).
    If monitored users are not connected to Collaboration/ x-bees, but added to roasterroster, then only "Offline" status are displayed with Light Blue icon, while other statuses are displayed with the appropriate icons. So, if a user has a connected WP device, but is not logged into Collaboration/ x-bees, when the phone is ringing, Light Blue icon changes to Red phone icon etc.

  • Red phone icon = talking on the phone
  • Clock icon = away
  • Brick icon = do not disturb
  • Pause icon = on pause;
  • Green phone icon with red arrow = incoming call