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Configuration example provided in the chapter Load Sharing Scenario.


The automatic sync is made every 2 hours.


  • No support for failover mode via /rw2/etc/phone_failover.conf

  • No support for failover mode via secondary DNS Configuration
  • No Full TLS Support (check the table provided in the Chapter “Device configuration and switching timeout”)
  • It’s necessary to configure separate DHCP server in the local network where phones and gateways are connected
  • Changes to configurations of the PBX which synchronizes its configuration from another one will be lost after each sync, Admin should apply all changes only on the source PBX
  • No notification present on phone’s display when switching to backup PBX in failover scheme
  • Unsupported devices (see the chapter “Failover by DNS”):
    • W-AIR
    • W04BRI
    • W01GSM
    • W01FXS (pre 2015)
    • Outgoing SIP trunks
    • iOS clients
    • W-PA
  • No XML Browser-based services like history / phonebooks when connected to failover PBX
  • Call group with ‘Call All 32’ strategy – calls do not work for failover user
  • Call through remote PBXs of WMS network does not work if Main PBX is unavailable
  • Continuity feature does not work after switch to failover PBX (invalid for WMS 5.0, refer to the chapter Support of user features)
  • Pre-answer services do not work after switch to failover PBX (invalid for WMS 5.0, refer to the chapter Support of user features)
  • Call to the failover WP480 2015-2016 device can not be completed normally
  • Return from semi-attended transfer is not performed
    • after transfer from remote user to failover user
    • after transfer from failover user to remote user
  • BLF presence status of the local user is unavailable for failover user; call can’t be picked up via BLF key
  • BLF presence status of the failover user is unavailable for local user; call can’t be picked up via BLF key
  • Impossible to perform calls from Kite to failover user via WMS network Server PBX in case main PBX is unavailable
  • Email notifications are unavailable for failover user; user features are not available on failover PBX (invalid for WMS 5.0, refer to the chapter Support of user features)
  • Login/logout via 99 service is restricted for failover user
  • Language and region settings are not synced during sync_pbx script execution


  • Run the following command on a Failover PBX to copy user files (which are encrypted) from a Main PBX: 

    Code Block
    scp admin@<pbx A>:/etc/user.d/*.lua /etc/user.d/
    scp -P 2222 admin@<pbx A>:/etc/user.d/*.lua /etc/user.d/ - for Cloud

     where <PBX A> is a domain name of a Main PBX.

  • Then you need to set an owner of the copied files by running the command on the Failover PBX:

    Code Block
    chown wms:wms /etc/user.d/*lua



Important!!! This DNS configuration can be applied only to Wildix devices that support double registration (e.g. Wildix phones of WP4X0 series. The full list of devices can be found in Supported devices & scenarios section, "Supported devices"). On other Wildix devices (check the list in Current limitations section, "Unsupported devices") set up DNS Server = IP address of Main PBX; Secondary DNS: IP address of Failover PBX.