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On this page, you can find detailed description of the Cloud Analytics (CDR-View 2.0) feature in Collaboration which provides all the information you need to keep on top of your business.

Created: July 2023

Updated: September 2023



  • WMS Beta 6.03.20230630.3 or higher

  • License: UC-Premium
  • ACL rules set in WMS:
    • can use analytics: adds display of the Analytics button in Collaboration
    • can see analytics: lets to choose which groups data will be available in Analytics reports


  • Analytics data is stored in the country of origin. stored in the AWS datacenter in the region where the PBX is located.
  • Analytics is not available if Collaboration is opened via iframe. 

Events sending / data gathering should be enabled in WMS -> PBX -> Features -> Cloud Analytics. It is automatically activated if a PBX or whole WMS Network are running in the Cloud. In case of a standalone Virtual/ Hardware PBX, or if there is a mix of Cloud and Virtual/ Hardware PBXs in a WMS Network, Cloud Analytics should be enabled manually by admin. Documentation: WMS Settings Menu - Admin Guide (Features section).


Note: If sending of the events was enabled and then disabled, the old data is still stored in the data base. For the old data be removed, a ticket to customer care has to be opened.

How to access Analytics

To access Analytics, click on the Analytics button at the top of the screen:  


  • Name: enter title for your scheduled report
  • Description (optional): provide description if required; the description is included in the body of the email
  • Frequency:
    • choose the preferred option: Every N minutes / Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly
    • select at which time the report should be sent
    • choose day for sending the scheduled report
  • Select views: select which reports you would like to receive. In case you have saved views (reports with applied filters), they are available here. 
  • Type: choose if you want to receive the report in PDF or CSV



    • CSV files are sent only for the visualisations that have tables. 
    • For PDF, you can turn the toggle on next to Show advanced PDF settings and configure the following options:
      • Format: Liveboard or Visualisations
      • Layout: Landscape or Portrait
      • Select tabs to download: choose if you want to receive all or specific charts only
      • Branding: decide if page number should be included
      • Footer text: enter text for the footer of the report 

  • Recipients: you are automatically added as recipient of the report. You can also add other users or groups to send the report to

Click Save to save the scheduled report.