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x-hoppers Changelog: new features and improvements for x-hoppers.

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x-hoppers Date: 28.02.2024


[WMS-18869] - wms: added the display of battery level of W-AIR headsets and W-AIR devices firmware version on the WMS -> Devices -> W-AIR Devices page In case a headset is charging, the relevant icon is displayed next to the battery level indication.

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.06.20240227.1.

[WMS-19252] - dev: added possibility to hang up a call by double-clicking on the AUX button and improved the logic so that parameters for retail mode are set on headsets automatically, once connected to the base station with the relevant configuration.

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.06.20240227.1 and W-AIR firmware v 0730b0001.

x-hoppers Date: 12.02.2024


x-hoppers Date: 02.02.2024


[WMS-18885] - x-hop: added translations of x-hoppers Green Box Demo pages into French, Italian, German, and Spanish


  1. Add the following key to the /etc/systemd/system/pbx-data-engine.service.d/override.conf file:
    # vi /etc/systemd/system/pbx-data-engine.service.d/override.conf
    ExecStart=/usr/sbin/ --conf_recording
  2. Reload systemd and restart the service to apply the changes:
    # systemctl daemon-reload
    # systemctl restart pbx-data-engine


  • The support starts from WMS Beta 6.03.20230424.1.
  • The feature works only if there is an x-hoppers licence available. 
  • Recording starts when user unmutes himself in the conference and starts talking.


  • W-AIR firmware starting from v 650b2
  • WMS 6.01.20221122.1 or higher

  • Activated x-hoppers



Note: The support starts from WMS 6.01.20221122.1 or higher

Documentation: x-hoppers Admin Guide