CLASSOUND Instant Virtual Porting

This Document describes what Instant Virtual Porting is and how to configure it. 

Created: September 2022


Article on our Blog: Instant Virtual Porting: The Easy Way to Keep Your Phone Number


Instant Virtual Porting is an option available within Full DIDs Porting, which allows you to receive incoming calls to your existing numbers via CLASSOUND almost instantly, without the need to wait for 2+ weeks till porting is done.

After enabling Instant Virtual Porting during your porting order, you get temporary CLASSOUND DIDs, which you then use to configure call forwarding from existing DIDs to the temporary CLASSOUND DIDs.  

The below diagram displays call flow with Instant Virtual Porting:

Once full DIDs porting is completed (usually takes 2+ weeks), the temporary DIDs are deactivated and calls to your original DIDs go via CLASSOUND directly. 

How to configure Instant Virtual Porting 

  1. When ordering Full DIDs Porting, make sure to tick off the checkbox Instant Virtual Porting:

Documentation: CLASSOUND Activation Request - Full DIDs Porting

After DIDs porting is ordered, the list with all DIDs belonging to the specific customer/ reseller is displayed on the CLASSOUND DIDs tab in WMP. There, in Temporary number column, you can find Temporary CLASSOUND DID once available (takes up to 2 days). 

2. Configure Dialplan using your original phone numbers (not temporary DIDs)

3. Configure call forwarding from your original DIDs to the temporary DIDs

Note: In case you have a range of phone numbers, e.g. +372465646XX, Temporary DIDs of the same range are assigned.

That's it. Once call forwarding is configured, you immediately start receiving incoming calls via CLASSOUND. When Full DIDs Porting is completed, temporary DIDs are deactivated, and incoming calls go via CLASSOUND directly, no changes in settings are required.