W01/02/04FXS old generation - Quick Installation Guide - English

The steps below help you to connect and configure the W01FXS, W02FXS 2015 and W04FXS media gateways. FXS gateway allows you to connect analog phones and fax machines to your IP PBX.

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Updated: March 2017

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Quick Overview

Rear panel

  • Reset button
  • Power supply jack
    • Input: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
    • Output: DC 12V, 1.5A (W04FXS) or 1A (W01FXS)
  • Network ports
    • 2 Ethernet ports RJ-45, 10/100 base-T
      • 1 WAN port
      • 1 LAN port configured in Bridge
  • FXS ports
    • 1, 2 or 4 FXS ports (depending on the model), to connect to analog phone

Front panel

  • Power LED indicates that the gateway is powered
  • Status LED indicates that the system is startup successfully
  • Proxy LED indicates that the gateway is registered on SIP proxy (W04FXS only)
  • LAN LED indicates that the gateway is connected to the network via this port
  • WAN LED indicates that the gateway is connected to the network via this port
  • Phone LED (1 for W01FXS and 4 for W04FXS) indicate that analog phones are connected:
    • flashing LED indicates an incoming call
    • LED is ON indicates that the connected phone’s handset is lifted or the phone is engaged in a conversation

Connection to power supply (old models without PoE)

Connect the FXS gateway using the power supply and the cable provided with the gateway, as it is shown on the picture:

Connection to Ethernet

The gateway has one LAN port configured in Bridge mode and one WAN port set up as a DHCP Client. Connect one of two ports to the same network as the PBX or an external DHCP server (for instance, its router) as shown on the picture:

As soon as the DHCP server assigns an IP address to the gateway, you can pass to the next step of the gateway configuration.

  • In case the PBX is used as a DHCP server, the gateway is detected on the network automatically
  • In case an external DHCP server is used, check the list of the active leases to detect the IP address assigned to the gateway

Connection to the line

FXS gateways have 1 or 4 ports (depending on the model) on the rear panel, marked as Phone1-Phone4. Connect the ports to the analog phones.

Provisioning of the gateway

Follow our online Guide to provision the gateway.

For remote/unreachable media gateways behind NAT/Firewall, follow our online Guide to remote provisioning.

Assign analog ports

Follow our online guide to assign the analog ports of the FXS gateway: Assign analog ports of FXS to users.

Reset of the gateway

In case you need to reconfigure the FXS gateway, you should perform a reset procedure, as shown on the picture. The switch marked as “Reset/Default” is situated on the rear panel of the gateway.

  • use the paper clip or the object of the similar shape to press the button
  • keep the button pressed for 5 seconds
  • when the LED Status turns on, the reset of the gateway is complete

Control calls using Flash button

Read the document: How to control calls using Flash button on FXS Media Gateways.