Admin Interface Video Tutorials

WMS FE Training - April 2017 - Video tutorials

Wildix Field Engineer video training contains eight videos explaining step by step how to activate and configure the Wildix system. 

Wildix Management Portal (WMP) - Video tutorials

WMP Intro Video English

WMP Intro Video Deutsch

WMP provisioning

Activation of HW PBX PER SERVICE

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WMS Releases

WMS Stable 3.88: April 2018

WMS Stable 3.87: January 2018

WMS Stable 3.86: November 2017

WMS Stable 3.85 June 2017

WMS Stable 3.84 April 2017

 WMS Stable 3.83 February 2017

WMS Stable 3.82 October 2016

WMS Stable May 2016

WMS - Wildix Management System - Video tutorials


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