How to disable updates for BLF keys configured for call group members with Call All strategy 

The Article explains how to disable updates for early call statutes for BLF "Colleague" configured for call group members with “Call All 10/ 32” strategy on WelcomeConsole/ WP490.

Call Groups Documentation: link

Created: February 2021



Previously, users who had many BLF keys configured for call group members received too many status updates in case of calls to groups with the strategy "Call All". The new feature allows you to disable such updates for all early statuses including "ringing", "check who is calling", "cancelled" etc for "Call All 10/32" strategies on WelcomeConsole/ WP490 with configured BLF “Colleague” and not to receive too many updates for status changes for call groups members. 

Note: "ringing" status was already disabled for Call All 32, but after activating the feature, other early statuses are disabled.

In case of activation, subscribed users only receive an update to the BLF when the call has been answered by one of the call group members, but they do not receive updates for “ringing”, “canceled” etc.

Limitation: in case call group members belong to a different PBX in the WMS network, subscribed users will still receive all the status updates.


Check the List of custom config parameters for all the details on how to change the config files. 

The feature is disabled by default. To enable it, make the following changes:

  • Edit the config file /etc/kamailio/cfg.d/host_specific_custom.cfg by adding the parameter:

    modparam("pv", "varset", "skip_cg_members_presence_on_wp=i:1")
  • Restart kamailio service:

    /etc/init.d/kamailio restart
  • Edit the config file /etc/callweaver/sip-general-custom.conf by adding the parameter:

  • Restart callweaver service: 

    callweaver -rx "sip reload"

If the feature is enabled, the default devices mask is:

modparam("pv", "varset", "device_presence_skip_event_dialog=s:(Wildix WP490GR[3|4])")

It can be changed in the config file /etc/kamailio/cfg.d/host_specific_custom.cfg.