The Document explains what is CLASSOUND Extended CNAM and how to activate it. 

Created: August 2023


What is Extended CNAM 

Did you know that around 87% of people admitted they actually don’t engage with unknown numbers calling them? We’ve got a solution!

CLASSOUND by Wildix already offered CNAM service for its US and Canada users. Now, there is an extended, advanced version of CNAM that provides even more benefits (currently available for the USA only). 

Ensure that every call your agents make, highlights the caller name and makes customers aware of the company that contacts them. Inform your customers that the caller is a trusted company by enabling extended CNAM service which displays the personalized caller name provided by you. 

Extended CNAM is an enhanced option compared to the standard CNAM. Their core differences are displayed in the table below:

ParametersExtended CNAMStandard CNAM
Character length3215
Branded call supportYesNo


  • Personalized 32-character messages
  • Messages displayed in call log
  • Brand protection from scammers
  • Verified call tag displayed during the call, which makes your calls even more trustworthy for customers
  • 280 million+ US devices coverage
  • Answer/ rejection statistics (can be requested additionally)

So, the main difference from the standard CNAM is the length of 32 vs 15 and the indication. This lets you turn your call into a branded one, by including the name of the company in the detected caller name as shown on the picture below:

Covered providers are T-mobile and AT&T that make up around 65% of mobile users in the USA. Join in to be among the users who enjoy the benefits of the extended CNAM for better communication with your clients! 

Requirements and activation

  • x-bees / Collaboration license (US-Essential or higher)

To activate extended CNAM, apply a Customer Care request by sending the following data 

  • DID number
  • Desired extended CNAM (32 characters)
  • Calling Company Name
  • Calling Company Address
  • Calling Company URL

Additionally, you can also request answer/ rejection statistics, for example: