x-bees 1.28.2: Customize color of your website widget, receive fax/ voicemail directly to x-bees conversation and access call dialog from any tab

Set custom color for your x-bees website widget

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2975.

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that allows you to make x-bees website widget look exactly as you need – possibility to customize its color to your personal liking!

By default, x-bees widget color is blue, but now you can choose any color you want. How to do it?

  1. Go to x-bees Settings -> Kite Settings

  2. Proceed to the Website widgets tab

  3. Click Create new widget or edit an existing one

  4. In the Widget color section click Change color

  5. Choose the preferred color and save your widget

The color you choose is applied for the widget background and buttons. Your custom color is too light? No problem - text of the widget buttons is automatically colored black. So, whatever color you select, the buttons remain clearly readable for your customers. Check the feature out and feel free to leave your feedback if any!

Receive fax and voicemail to x-bees conversation

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-2942.

Another great news we are glad to share with you is the possibility to view voicemail and fax right in the x-bees conversation. Now, when fax or voicemail is sent, it is displayed as a separate message in x-bees:



  • Fax/ voicemail messages are displayed without the read indicator.

  • If user removes conversation members or leaves the conversation that was created for a new fax / voicemail, the members are automatically added back to the conversation when the same external user sends another fax/ voicemail.

Current limitations:

  • After an external user with only a phone number is converted to a CRM contact, any previously sent faxes/ voicemails are not displayed, as a new conversation is created. PBX user can find the faxes / voicemails in the original conversation with the external user, but for the external user, they are no longer available. 

  • Fax message currently doesn’t include the information about remote ID, status and the number of pages.

  • In the conversation with external user who has only phone number indicated, the system allows sending messages, though the message cannot be delivered to the external user (no SMS integration).

  • The title for a fax/ voicemail message is in English by default.

Access call dialog from any tab

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-3043.

One more improvement is the display of an active call dialog not only on the Inbox tab, but on other sections of x-bees application. Now you can navigate through x-bees tabs and manage your calls at the same time!


Within the call dialog you can see the following information: call duration, callee name, number, and avatar and perform the following actions: mute, hold/unhold, transfer the call, and hang up.