Send Veesion alerts for x-hoppers to x-bees conversation and transcribe x-hoppers conference - June 2023

Changelog reference tickets: XBS-16447, WMS-17057.

Enhance your Veesion integration with x-hoppers by sending Veesion alerts to x-bees conversation to let employees see the alert details and watch the video right from x-bees channel!

x-hoppers is Wildix complete retail communication solution that connects shop assistants and helps to increase customer conversions. Paired with Veesion, the solution monitors any suspicious activities (shoplifting or other threats) in a shop and issues an automatic alert to the staff via x-hoppers headsets.

With this update, these alerts can also be posted to x-bees conversation. Here’s how to set it up:

  1.  Add a user in WMS with email address

  2. Create x-bees conversation with the user and copy the conversation ID (available in the URL)

  3. Add following data to the /rw2/etc/pbx/x-hoppers.json file:

    • “store_veesion_id”: “ID of the store”

    • “xbees_channel_id”: “ID of the x-bees conversation”

    • “veesion_user_extension”: “enter extension of the user added in WMS”

When there is an alert from Veesion, the message, which contains such information as alert type, date, time, camera IP, ID of the camera, as well as video attachment, is sent right to x-bees conversation.


And one more cool feature added! You can now transcribe content of x-hoppers conference and post it in x-bees conversation – all on behalf of the users who are speaking. When the feature is enabled, whatever is told in the conference, is automatically transcribed and displayed in x-bees conversation, so managers could monitor what was discussed in the conference.

To configure the feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Create x-bees conversation with users that are in the x-hoppers conference

  2. Copy x-bees conversation ID (available in the URL)

  3. Add following data to the /rw2/etc/pbx/x-hoppers.json file:

    • "audio_conf_id": "ID of the x-hoppers conference",

    • "xbees_channel_id": “ID of the x-bees conversation”

Note: If user talks for more than 60 seconds without a pause, the message is not transcribed.