Chrome extension, Caller ID for outbound calls and email signature with contact button - March 2022

x-bees Chrome extension

Changelog reference ticket: WMS-13062

Do you have too many tabs open in your browser? Now you can instantly find the tab with x-bees by clicking on the x-bees icon.

Chrome extension also allows users to start a call or chat from a web page: right-click on an email address on a web page to start a conversation on x-bees; right-click on a phone number to start a call.

Download the Chrome extension: 🔗

Watch the video to see the x-bees Chrome extension in action:

Select a Caller ID for outbound calls

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1001

Imagine, a tech support engineer needs to call a customer to discuss details about a ticket, but they don’t want their personal office phone number to be displayed to the customer. Instead, they would prefer to display the general technical support phone number as their Caller ID.

On x-bees selecting Caller ID is easy: users can choose whether to show their personal office phone number or the phone number of their department or service (e.g. tech support, sales, accounting, etc), and they can do so right before placing a call.

How to: Open the Dialpad (web/ mobile); on top of the Dialpad by default, Personal is displayed; click on an arrow next to Personal and select a service (call group) from the drop-down list to place a call using the Caller ID of that service.

Important: to be able to use a Caller ID of a service (call group) in x-bees, you need to open WMS - Dialplan - Call groups, select the call group, click Edit Strategy, and specify the Caller ID (CID) for outbound calls through this service (call group).

Watch the video to see how it works:

Email signature with contact-me button

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1404

What’s the easiest way to invite a prospect or a customer to x-bees and to keep in touch with them on a regular basis? Create a professional and smart email signature with a contact-me button that allows a recipient to reach out to you via x-bees. Here’s an example:


  1. Open Personal -> Kite settings

  2. You are redirected to this portal:

  3. Create your signature with the contact-me button

  4. Download the file and apply the signature in your email settings


Watch the video to see how to create an email signature: