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Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.02.20221228.1.

Step 1. Configuration of the webhook


  • URL of the hook (with PBX as host)
  • store_veesion_id

Note: For PBX authorization, the webhook URL should contain the parameter with PBX token /?token=<simple>.  


How to post Veesion alerts to x-bees conversation

Starting from WMS 6.03.20230630.3, it is possible to configure Veesion alerts to be sent to x-bees conversation (you can refer to x-bees documentation for more information about x-bees). The message that is sent to x-bees includes alert type, date, time, camera IP, ID of the camera and group, as well as the relevant video attachment. 


  1. Add a user in WMS
  2. Create x-bees conversation with the user created in step 1 and copy the conversation ID (available in the URL)

  3. Add following data to the /rw2/etc/pbx/x-hoppers.json file:

    Code Block
        "store_veesion_id": "test-store-wildix",
        "name": "Store1",
        "audio_conf_id": "2",
        "location": "Odesa",
        "xbees_channel_id": "f6d17593-98b6-471d-941a-cd03153f",
        "veesion_user_extension": "12345"


    • store_veesion_id: ID of the store on the Veesion side
    • name: name of the store 
    • audio_conf_id: ID of the audio broadcast channel in x-hoppers where the communication takes place
    • location: location of the store
    • xbees_channel_id: ID of the x-bees conversation, copied in step 2, where the content will be posted.
    • user: user, on behalf of whom the content will be posted